Valentine’s Day 2014

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this year I’m so excited to be offering two beautiful arrangements!



The types of flowers will vary, but each one is sure to make your special someone smile!:) Price includes delivery (covers from Pawleys Island to Myrtle Beach), vase, and a super cute card from BerinMade! Orders must be placed by Monday the 10th of Feb. and for more info. please email me at

Many, many thanks to the wonderful Paula Player Photography for these gorgeous photos!

Featured // Grey Likes Weddings // Editorial Shoot

Back in August, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Elisa Bricker Photography on an Editorial Shoot in Charleston, South Carolina. Elisa is a brilliant film photographer, so I was obviously thrilled to get be able to do the florals for the shoot! Check out the entire feature here and a big thanks to Grey Likes Weddings for the feature!

Featured // Charleston Editorial Shoot

Cue the Confetti!

SMP Editorial Shoot

I’m so thrilled to welcome you all to the new Mimi Nicole Events! It has been such a labor of love over these past few months, but I could not be more pleased with how everything has come together! 

Since launching MNE in March 2012, I have been so blessed to have had people come alongside me and slowly begin to coax out of me what I really want and envision for MNE, which is to serve Brides + Grooms well by sending them off with a beautiful celebration of their new marriage! Keeping that at the forefront of my mind {and on sticky note in my planner!} has been huge for me because it continually reminds me that what I’m about, and what I want MNE to be about, is Love. It’s such a privilege and honor to share in the joy of two people vowing forever! And I hope with our new site + brand that people are able to see the heart of MNE more and more!    

Over the past few months there have been so many “hands on deck” and if I could I would be giving you all giant bear hugs today–thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  

+ To my darling, patient husband who has had to endure months of “Do you like this?”, “Are you sure you like this?”, “So, you’re 100% sure you like this?”, “Hmmm, I don’t think I like this…let’s start over!” You are just the best! Thank you for being such an amazing support system and idea bouncer–I love you!

+ My English ally and wedding world confidante, Erin! Your friendship has meant so much to me + I’m so happy to be showcasing your gorgeous calligraphy on the new site!

Jaymee, you are a champ! Thank you for making the web design process so fun! You’re an extraordinary talent and it’s hard to believe that this whole thing started with just a few jumbled up ideas I threw at you–thank you for taking them, reworking them, and making something so beautiful and so MNE!

+ Scott at Wundermade—you are a coding genius! I put your job up there with the folks at NASA! Thank you for always answering my ridiculous tech questions without even the tiniest hint of sarcasm!

+ To the wonderful women of Making Things Happen—thank you so much for giving me the confidence to create a business that truly reflects my faith, passions, and strengths!

+ Leila, you, and the team behind Be Inspired PR have been so practically helpful—your time and expertise has been invaluable!

+ All the amazing photographers who have been so kind and so fun to work with over the past year—your images make my site!:) Thank you to my favorite UK photographers: Ed Osborn Photography, Catherine Mead Photography, Caught the Light Photography, and Craig and Eva Sanders Photography! And to the amazingly talented US photographers that I’ve been so blessed to work with: Lane Dittoe Photography, Caroline Joy Photography, and Landon Jacob Photography!

+ And finally thank you to all of my lovely past and future Brides + Grooms! It’s your joy + love for each other that makes me so excited to wake up and do this for a living–thank you for your trust + confidence in me!:)


Thank you all so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoy the new site and here’s to new beginnings–Cheers!